Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria’s Call Obey

Here is a clarion call to every Nigerian. It is a call to rise to the occasion and contribute positively to the actualisation of the Nigeria you and I have always dreamt of.

I have realised that most of us have kept quiet for too long on issues affecting our nation, while we complain in our closets. Those in government will only rule our nation based on how best they know how to do things. Thus, it is high time we started contributing to the development of this nation.

After the second world war (1939 – 1945), Japan and her citizens responded to the destruction of their socio-economic life by rising to the re-construction and re-development of their economic and social life. The Japanese started by creating a robust relationship between the citizens and the government. They also went ahead to secure the cooperation of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and banks in closely knit groups called keiretsu; the powerful enterprise unions and smaller unions ( shuntō ); good relations with government bureaucrats, and the guarantee of lifetime employment ( Shūshin koyō ) in big corporations and highly unionized blue-collar factories.

In the same vein, Brazil, a nation with the same potentials and economic situation like Nigeria in the 60s’, has harnessed the citizens’ desire and support for a better society to make her economy one of the most industrially developed in that decade.

Also, Germany, the major prosecutor of the second world-war, made a clarion call to re-build the social economic life of the country and this was undertaken by the citizens and the Government. The result is that Germany is currently one of the most developed and most advanced socio-economic country in Europe.

This covid-19 pandemic has come to prove to us all that each country needs to rise up towards her development, and make available the essentials of livelihood for her citizens. What our nation will become tomorrow depends on our actions today.
With the contribution of you and I, Nigeria can truly be the giant of Africa in all ramifications. Let us all arise and yield this great clarion call for the development of our country.

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