He was having his evening beverage

That’s when she joined him.

“Hi there handsome, you’re looking good. So fine I can eat you up” she said sitting down.

“I thought we agreed to keep away from each other? I am a married man” he told her.

” Come on. I won’t bite. You can’t resist me, no man can” she said.

“I am a married man” he told her.

“Fight all you want, but soon I will have you. I am way better than your wife” she told him.

“You are nothing compared to my wife” he told her off.

“Really? All this body. All these curves. All these sweetness. I bet your wife is not as good in bed as I am” she told him unbuttoning the top button of her blouse to reveal her cleavage, then lifting up her skirt, just a bit.

“If I was a lustful and unfaithful man, all that would move me. But I am too grown to be enticed by what you’re showing off. I am a grown man, you think all that consumes my mind is sex? And for your information, my wife is actually great in bed” he told her.

“How will you know unless you do me. Try me tonight. Let’s drive in your black car to a romantic hotel, I promise you a night you will never forget” she told him.

“You know what you are? You are lazy? A lazy woman” he told her, then took a sip of his beverage.

“How dare you call me lazy?! I am a high flying educated woman. Any man would give anything to have me” she said.

“Fair enough. But would you give anything to make a man?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” She questioned.

“You look at me and find me attractive. Yet you disrespect the woman behind who I am, you want me to cheat on my wife, the woman behind my attractiveness” said he.

He drank a sip and continued, “My wife is responsible for the man in me that you want today. When I had little, my wife believed in me. These suits you see me wearing, are my wife’s idea. I ask for her advice on what to wear.

My success has come to pass because she prays for me and puts up with my demanding work hours. She corrects me and moulds me and that has moulded my character.

The Range Rover you see me outside driving that you fancy, I bought that with my wife. She and I invested to buy our house. I look attractive and pleasant, because she treats me well and gives me peace.

And now you want to have the man that she made out of me and dishonour her? You want to have the man that she has built for years? You are lazy?”


“I see you turning down the single men who want you and yet you want me, a man that another woman has made? No, it doesn’t work like that.

Find your own single man, believe in him, pray for him, support him, nurture him and mould him to be the attractive man you want him to be.

You women have a nurturing and helping gift. Activate your gift.

My wife has been busy building me and I will not leave her for a woman who has nothing to offer, but her sexiness.

So if you may excuse me, I need to drive home and take my wife on a date. She deserves the best” he said as he stood up and drank a last sip.

He reached in his wallet and placed K200 on the table.

“Have yourself a drink as you think about your life and how you’ll stop being lazy and find a single man you can build. My generous wife and I have paid for the drink” he said.

He walked away as she looked on; her lower jaw dropping in shock, “I thought that this world was void of principled men, I just met one,” the diva seasoned as she sobered up, nodding her head.

“This guy just schooled me. In 20 minutes this smart guy has taught me the most valuable lesson which I’ve never found in any one of the three prestigious Universities I’ve attended. How to find, invest in and make my own husbandI need to find my own husband” she thought to herself as the gentleman sped off in his waiting Range Rover.

A Recommended Therapy for All married men 🙏
And for those singles who are too self-centered to think beyond themselves and their physical endowments.



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Today’s consumers have more industry influence than they’ve ever had in the past, allowing them to focus on more than just the product that you’re selling them. Now, consumers are interested in what you’re selling them, how you’re selling it, and what happens after you’ve sold it to them. The shift has placed pressure on companies to invest in their customer service teams and meet rising customer demands. Building strong customer relations is a great way to develop customer loyalty and retain valuable, long-term customers because The best type of customer is a repeat customer.

 If you’re looking to improve customer relationships at your company, it helps to understand what successful customer relations look like and how you can create them with your clientele.

Easy ways to improve customer relationship includes;

 1. Communicate.
As a key to any good relationship, communication is an essential way to build customer relationships. Promoting your business and listening to your customers are equally important.

Rather than just telling customers about your business, have conversations with them. Find out what your customers need, then show them that you have a solution to their problem. If you have employees, teach them how to effectively communicate with customers.

 2. Exceed Expectations.
Your customers expect great products or services from you. You should continue to raise the bar on what your company offers. To put it simply, under promise, and over deliver. When you impress customers, they keep coming back.

To exceed customer expectations, you can deliver a product or service faster than anticipated. When you deliver earlier than expected, the customer will be happy about the surprise.

 3. Ask for Feedback.
Whether customers have a good or bad opinion about your business, they will make their feelings known. Invite customer feedback to show you are listening. Place comment cards on your business counter, or conduct a survey.

Customer feedback helps you hone your customers’ specific needs so you can find the best solutions to their problems. The better your offering meets their needs, the more your business will grow.

 4. Connect.
With technology, there are more ways to begin conversations with your customers than ever before. There are many online tools and social media outlets you can use to reach customers.

When you engage with customers online, be careful not to create a one-way conversation. Ask customers questions, and respond to their inquiries.

 5. Show Appreciation.
Reward long-time customers with a loyalty discount program. You can hand out reward cards, or use a loyalty program app to track customer rewards.

With a loyalty program, customers earn points for buying your goods or services. After earning a certain number of points, the customer gets a reward.


Earlier this week we organized a webinar for SMEs tagged ” Project and business management for SMEs “. The webinar was part of our palliative to support SMEs in providing them with information and skills to strategically position their businesses during this Covid-19 period.

The webinar lasted for three days on zoom with over 70 participants daily. A team of professionals facilitated different sessions in the event, educating people on topics ranging from “How to effectively use social media and online platforms to promote your business” to “How to access financial support for your business”

The link to download the sessions and presentation materials can be found here

One Nation Bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity

The tenet of our existence as a country is freedom, peace and unity. Every citizen should strive to keep the sanctity of our nationhood.

It was the nationalistic spirit of the founding fathers that led to our independence. Nationalism is a belief that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to one’s nation.

Nigeria is one…..! We should not allow people with selfish interest to divide us along ethnic and religious lines. This has been a major challenge to the development of this country, most of our current Leaders use this weapon to fight us and take away the resources of this country for their selfish interest.

Our diversity in all areas should be seen as a thing of strength; this should propagate and propel us to come together with our respective ideas to drive a common goal in unity. A house divided against itself will struggle with development.

Our freedom should bring us together in unity so we can all be at peace with one another. Come on-board with your ideas and let’s rub minds together to make our nation the dream place of every other nation. Together we can achieve this. 

If you and I, irrespective of our religion, gender, tribe, location, beliefs, social economic class or age decide to uphold national interests ahead of personal interests, it is my utmost belief that we will achieve the Nigeria of our dreams. 

To Serve with Heart and Might

There’s a great need for us to serve our Fatherland with all sense of commitment and love irrespective of our religion, age, location, beliefs, tribe, socio-economic class or gender. If you have been privileged to be strong in an area, please use this strength to help those who are weak in that area, no amount of money can substitute this great virtue.

If we uphold national interests ahead of personal interests, it is my utmost belief that we will achieve the Nigeria of our dreams. Citizens should be committed to patriotism. Our loyalty should be to the country and not to any individual.

The era of dividing this nation on the bias of personal interest and views should be a thing of the past. We need to start imbibing the spirit of national interest in everything we do either in the public or our private moments.

When we begin to serve this nation with our heart and might, we will all be surprised how things will naturally start to fall in place. Inspirations will begin to drive our imaginations; only then will our minds start to generate ideas that will benefit humanity and our society at large.

The time has come to stay away from hypocrisy and serve with a genuine heart.

The Labor of our Heroes Past shall Never be in Vain

The vision of our founding fathers was to build a prosperous nation where justice and peace will reign. We look forward to leaders like Lee Kuan Yew who turned a poor sea port of Singapore into a successful business centre.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum turned Dubai into the number one business and tourist destination in the world. Dubai has become a great country everyone desires for their vacation, thanks for the transformation work done by this great man.

Hayato Ikeda of Japan was described as “the single most important figure in Japan’s rapid growth; and Walter Eucken of Germany held that the state’s authority should be used—and used vigorously—to uphold the rule of law, private property rights, freedom of contract, and open markets. But once the state moved beyond these parameters, Eucken warned, both freedom and economic prosperity were endangered.

In Nigeria, visionary leaders like Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Belewa, Nnamdi Azikwe, Queen Amina and Herbert Macaulay are great models to draw inspiration from.

Regardless of our ethnic group and religion, we all need to work together to ensure that the vision of our leaders who fought for the independence of this country becomes a reality.

Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria’s Call Obey

Here is a clarion call to every Nigerian. It is a call to rise to the occasion and contribute positively to the actualisation of the Nigeria you and I have always dreamt of.

I have realised that most of us have kept quiet for too long on issues affecting our nation, while we complain in our closets. Those in government will only rule our nation based on how best they know how to do things. Thus, it is high time we started contributing to the development of this nation.

After the second world war (1939 – 1945), Japan and her citizens responded to the destruction of their socio-economic life by rising to the re-construction and re-development of their economic and social life. The Japanese started by creating a robust relationship between the citizens and the government. They also went ahead to secure the cooperation of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and banks in closely knit groups called keiretsu; the powerful enterprise unions and smaller unions ( shuntō ); good relations with government bureaucrats, and the guarantee of lifetime employment ( Shūshin koyō ) in big corporations and highly unionized blue-collar factories.

In the same vein, Brazil, a nation with the same potentials and economic situation like Nigeria in the 60s’, has harnessed the citizens’ desire and support for a better society to make her economy one of the most industrially developed in that decade.

Also, Germany, the major prosecutor of the second world-war, made a clarion call to re-build the social economic life of the country and this was undertaken by the citizens and the Government. The result is that Germany is currently one of the most developed and most advanced socio-economic country in Europe.

This covid-19 pandemic has come to prove to us all that each country needs to rise up towards her development, and make available the essentials of livelihood for her citizens. What our nation will become tomorrow depends on our actions today.
With the contribution of you and I, Nigeria can truly be the giant of Africa in all ramifications. Let us all arise and yield this great clarion call for the development of our country.