One Nation Bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity

The tenet of our existence as a country is freedom, peace and unity. Every citizen should strive to keep the sanctity of our nationhood.

It was the nationalistic spirit of the founding fathers that led to our independence. Nationalism is a belief that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to one’s nation.

Nigeria is one…..! We should not allow people with selfish interest to divide us along ethnic and religious lines. This has been a major challenge to the development of this country, most of our current Leaders use this weapon to fight us and take away the resources of this country for their selfish interest.

Our diversity in all areas should be seen as a thing of strength; this should propagate and propel us to come together with our respective ideas to drive a common goal in unity. A house divided against itself will struggle with development.

Our freedom should bring us together in unity so we can all be at peace with one another. Come on-board with your ideas and let’s rub minds together to make our nation the dream place of every other nation. Together we can achieve this. 

If you and I, irrespective of our religion, gender, tribe, location, beliefs, social economic class or age decide to uphold national interests ahead of personal interests, it is my utmost belief that we will achieve the Nigeria of our dreams. 

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