Understanding the seasons is essential for business growth.

No doubt most of our SMEs have been greatly hit by this lockdown, and if something isn’t done urgently, some may close up entirely as they are currently struggling to survive in Business.

Join us today – Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020 by 8am (WAT), as we continue to support SMEs in providing them with information and skills to strategically position their businesses.

Our Team of Professionals will be sharing insights that will focus on:

  • How to effectively use social media and online platforms to promote your business
  • Deploying project management methodologies for business success
  • How to keep your Customers and increase the numbers through excellent Customer Relationship
  • How to access financial support for your business
  • Covid 19 – Take off point for SMEs

To join this session on zoom, please click the link below:

Meeting ID: 849-1999-9465
Password: 981591

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