No doubt, this nation needs our contributions to achieve greatness again; don’t let us leave everything in the hands of the Politicians. Some of these people truly want to serve the nation, but lacks the ideas and leadership skills required.

In serving our fatherland, all hands must be on deck from the Professionals, Students, Artisans, Fathers, Mothers, Elders, Youths and Children. Every sector of our socio–economic life, particularly work ethics and way of life, may need to adopt the Japanese and South- Korean reformation ideology to take Nigeria to the zenith of her national growth and development.

Corruption in any form must be tackled with all seriousness, while necessary infrastructures and systems must be put in place to galvanize economic growth and financial empowerment for national prosperity. Constructive and positive criticisms with recommendations on what to be done will save us from past errors.

Let’s see this nation as a seed that we all need to nurture to grow. Nutrients in form of LIFE VALUES will go a long way in enriching this seed. Lessons from your experiences will benefit others and serve as water for this seed (Nigeria) to germinate.