To Serve with Heart and Might

There’s a great need for us to serve our Fatherland with all sense of commitment and love irrespective of our religion, age, location, beliefs, tribe, socio-economic class or gender. If you have been privileged to be strong in an area, please use this strength to help those who are weak in that area, no amount of money can substitute this great virtue.

If we uphold national interests ahead of personal interests, it is my utmost belief that we will achieve the Nigeria of our dreams. Citizens should be committed to patriotism. Our loyalty should be to the country and not to any individual.

The era of dividing this nation on the bias of personal interest and views should be a thing of the past. We need to start imbibing the spirit of national interest in everything we do either in the public or our private moments.

When we begin to serve this nation with our heart and might, we will all be surprised how things will naturally start to fall in place. Inspirations will begin to drive our imaginations; only then will our minds start to generate ideas that will benefit humanity and our society at large.

The time has come to stay away from hypocrisy and serve with a genuine heart.

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